Nature is the biggest playground

In nature there are many plants and flowers that smell lovely. Try and gather some and dry them for scented bags. To dry them, remove the leaves from the stems and put the heads of the flowers close together in a hemisphere. Tie the stems together with twine – and hang the bouquet upside down in a dark and airy place. Watch what happens if you put a blue flower, e.g. a violet or a bellflower, on an anthill, the flower suddenly changes colour when the worker ants defend the hill by spraying ant acid on it. But be careful not to destroy the anthill, it has taken the ants many hours to build it. At the beach you can find a lot of items to make fun things of. Try gathering seashells, tie them on strings and hang them up as a nice wind chime. When it moves in the wind, you can hear “the sound of the beach”.