Medicinhaverne i Tranekær
spisesteder på Langeland

Programme Friday 10 May

Geopark days on Langeland and Strynø
Workshop - Tryk en fisk
Photo: VisitLangeland

Workshop - Tryk en fisk

12/5 Make art with a fish from the Geopark's Archipelago


Food and drink

Enjoy a break and get something good to eat and drink at Geopark Days.
Many of the locals have made the evening special and are looking forward to welcoming you.

The programme is continuously updated and is subject to change.

Besøg geoparken til Geopark Dage

Geopark dage i Det Sydfynske Øhav

Se hele programmet for Geopark Dage

Photo: Mikkel Jézéquel

Neither the venue, the organiser nor Langeland Municipality can be held liable for any personal injury caused during the "Geopark Days" event.  It is the guest's own accident insurance that applies.