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Quest Langeland

Near to Lohals you can spend the night in a sustainable and child-friendly way in the middle of nature

Sleep in clean shelters at Hønsebjerggård with fantastic views of meadow, forest and starry sky. Shelters are cleaned after each visit.

Quest is within walking distance (1.2 km.) of Lohals shopping and 2 km from the beach.


It is possible to buy firewood so that you can make a fire on the site.

Possibility of purchasing a sleeping bag, mattress with the sheet, kitchen utensils (including firebox) or gas burner.


Shelter EAST

Shelter with gates, two exits and fantastic views of nature.

4 mattresses next to each other and 1 mattress at the foot end. Max 6 people.


Shelter NORD

Shelter with gate and view to the campfire site.

3 mattresses + 1 mattress at the foot end.


Tent with floor

Quest also offers accommodation in a spacious tipi tent with standing height and wooden floors.

The tent, with space for 5 mattresses, has its own campfire site.


You are also welcome to bring your own tent or motorhome.

Contact Quest Langeland for further information.

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