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Skovsgaard Gods’ Farm Shop

Organic vegetables and meat produced at Skovsgaards together with a wide range of other produce sourced here form Langeland.

Visit the exciting farm shop, which is a natural extension of Skovsgaard’s café.
Sample Skovsgaard’s own produce: great tasting, locally produced, sustainable food - food that makes sense!

Home grown vegetables
Most of the produce sold in the farm shop is produced at Skovgaard itself. Vegetable production here at Skovsgaard Manor is carried out with the aim of creating new high products, improving quality, and a “greener” way of enjoying good food.
Today far more vegetables are produced than can be eaten by the thousands guests who visit the estate each year. Therefor Skovsgaard now works in partnership with the company Dansk Catering, who buy most of the vegetables produced here on the estate.

The Market Garden
Skovsgaard grows its vegetables using a highly efficient, tractor free system of cultivation. In what is called “the Pometergarden”, healthy, great tasting vegetables are grown in between rows of old fruit trees. Sowing, weeding and harvesting are all carried out by hand by the estate’s many volunteers. The plants grow in nutrient rich, naturally composted soil, where they are able to grow to their full natural size and develop the special characteristic unique to each variety.