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Vikings and gods in the children's library

Every weekday during the summer holidays you can learn more about Vikings and gods at the children's library from 8.30 - 14. 

Discover the Viking World in the Children's Library
Read and listen to Viking stories

During the summer holidays, children can dive into the fascinating world of Vikings and gods in the Children's Library. Sit on the cosy sofa and read child-friendly legends about the Norse gods or listen to exciting Viking stories on headphones. There's something for every little storyteller.

Creative activities

At the creative table, participants can create their own Thorshamre, Runenbrikker or Viking beads with the help of fimols. There is also the opportunity to colour in Viking dress-up dolls so that creativity can run wild. The activities are designed to be fun and educational, where children can take home their own unique creations.

Visit the children's library during the summer holidays and let the kids explore the world of Vikings and gods through reading, listening and creativity. The activities require no advance booking and are free for all. Visit us and enjoy a summer full of wonderful experiences and exciting stories.