Herregårdsruten på Fyn, Langeland og Ærø

Bike rute: The Castle Route

Photo: ELS Production

160 km of purely idyllic winding roads through countryside villages, cozy market towns and, not least, historic manor houses.

Herregårdsruten på Langeland
Photo: ELS production

Fully 660 km of signposted cycling route, primarily on asphalt, divided into 14 stages. Ride the full distance or select a specific stage – you can decide for yourself where to start and in which direction to cycle. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient!

The route has been named for the 123 castles and manor houses to be found on Fyn and the islands; if you ride the route, you are sure to see more than a few of them …

And don’t worry, even though we are calling this “The Castle Route”, you will naturally ride by a host of other sights and attractions, farm shops, accommodating B&Bs and breathtaking vantage points.

The Castle Route: Rudkøbing-Lohals 36 km

Enjoy plenty of great views of this stage of the Castle Route. Experience horseback riding, glamping and wonderful beaches.

The Castle Route: Lohals-Spodsbjerg 42 km

Wild horses, healing plants and an old mill are what you can look forward to on the route between Lohals and Spodsbjerg.

The Castle Route: Spodsbjerg-Bagenkop 44 km

On the stage between Spodsbjerg and Bagenkop you can experience beautiful nature as well as stories from the Cold War.

The Castle Route: Bagenkop-Rudkøbing 37 km

Go for a swim, experience the rich plant and bird life and artworks along the way.