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You can experience different kinds of nature on the island of Langeland. If you are looking for exiting nature experiences, Langeland is the place to go.

Cities and Islands

Gåsetorvet i Rudkøbing med statue af H. C. Ørsted
Map icon Rudkøbing



Tranekær slot set fra luften
Nordlangeland map icon


Spodsbjerg, Lohals, Tranekær and Tullebølle

Vilde heste løber gennem et vandhul på Sydlangeland


Bagenkop, Ristinge and Humble

Ko på græsmark på Strynø


Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø.

Solnedgang Gulstav Mose på Sydlangeland

152 km coastline

The South Fyn Archipelago

Fifty-five! That’s the number of islands and islets in the South Fyn Archipelago, one of the contry’s most beautiful regions – and the one best suited to tell the story of Denmark as an island kingdom.

Langeland, Ærø, Svendborg and Faaborg have joined forces to create a magazine that tells the story about the many special experiences in the South Funen Archipelago. Read it here or pick it up at your tourist office.

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