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Langeland for all ~ together

Langeland is so easy to visit, just cross the bridges from Funen!
Our island offers many unique experiences, both big and small. So, if you are looking for new, exciting adventures while surrounded by wonderful nature, a visit to this pearl set amongst the islands of the South Funen Archipelago could be just the thing for you.


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A mild coastal climate and geological rarities

Enjoy the tang of salt water in your nostrils. The island’s mild climate along is perfect for kayaking, inviting you to simply paddle along the coast with no fixed goal. A fishing trip here will linger long in your memory -even if that record-breaking sea trout is the one that gets away.

The World-class glacial landscape on Langeland

Discover the unique landscape created more than 10,000 years ago in the South Funen Archipelago UNESCO Global Geopark.

Photo: Mikkel Jézéquel
Gåsetorvet i Rudkøbing med statue af H. C. Ørsted
Map icon Rudkøbing



Tranekær slot set fra luften
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Spodsbjerg, Lohals, Tranekær and Tullebølle

Vilde heste løber gennem et vandhul på Sydlangeland


Bagenkop, Ristinge and Humble

Ko på græsmark på Strynø


Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø.

Enjoy a holiday ~ together

Langeland & Strynø offer many great experiences, that only get better in the company of others. Take the family on a real adventure - out in nature, under the starry night sky, along the coast or under canvas and create some great memories - and remember, creating memories is done best when you are all there together.