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Photo:Jon Spangsvig&Mette Johnsen

What do you feel like?

Langeland has many different attractions, so it's easy to find something for everyone.
You can choose from such diverse things as: Cold War Museum, souvenarium, old windmills, manor houses and much more.

Nature can also be an attraction in itself: 152 km beach, cliffs, forests and bird sanctuaries.

Cities and Islands

Gåsetorvet i Rudkøbing med statue af H. C. Ørsted
Map icon Rudkøbing



Tranekær slot set fra luften
Nordlangeland map icon


Spodsbjerg, Lohals, Tranekær and Tullebølle

Vilde heste løber gennem et vandhul på Sydlangeland


Bagenkop, Ristinge and Humble

Ko på græsmark på Strynø


Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø.

Haver og parker

Arts and crafts

Langeland is a mecca for artists and artisans. You will find the small workshops, studios and galleries scattered throughout the island. So go exploring for your next find.

Our beautiful nature

The experience of the small roads, cozy houses, the island's hat hills and the change of seasons in the field, in fences and forests as well as the opportunity to follow the local wildlife up close, provides peace of mind and space for thoughts to fly freely.

Hatbakker på Sydlangeland

Enjoy the tranquility of nature

Photo: VisitLangeland