Udstigt til langelandsbroen
Gåsetorvet i Rudkøbing
Photo:Mette Johnsen&VisitLangeland

Langeland, Strynø and Siø

From the cozy market town with half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets to small charming harbor towns with outdoor dining and village charm. Our three inhabited islands have it all and are just waiting for you to come and explore..

Kort over Langeland



Visit Rudkøbing

Rudkøbing, which is Langeland’s biggest city, is a cosy old market town with old, well­kept merchant houses, small town houses and winding roads with cobble stones, and at the same time, it is the place to make a good deal and get good, old­fashioned service.

Photo: VisitLangeland

Visit Strynø

Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø.

Photo: Mads Kirkegaard, Colourbox

Lohals and Hou

Lohals is Langeland’s northernmost city. The city has a cosy harbour, where the cultural house Banjen during the summer is framework for many music events and a very well visited meatball festival called “frikadellefest”.


Emmerbølle, Dageløkke, Stoense and Snøde

Experiences in the area around the towns of Emmerbølle, Dageløkke, Stoense and Snøde

Photo: Langeland Turistbureau

The Village at Tranekær Castle

Castle town Tranekær is unique in Denmark since Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1760-1832) wanted a city reminiscent of a German principality. He built several buildings and brought foreign craftsmen and officials to the city.

Photo: Mads Zangenberg

Visit Tullebølle

Experience the area around Tullebølle on North Langeland

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Visit Spodsbjerg

Spodsbjerg arose as a Berth and a small fishing hamlet in the 1400s. Nowadays, tourism, the fer­rying to Lolland and fishing constitutes the main foundation of the town’s economy. Spodsbjerg is, with its’ outstretched beaches, a sought­out bath­ing resort.

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Visit Lindelse

A cosy village in the south og Langeland with good hiking routes in the surrounding area.

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Visit Humble

The city was originally called Humlæthwet, which is composed of humle (the plant hops) and tved (clearing), and therefore means “the forest clearing with hops plants”

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Visit Ristinge

Ristinge, the “tail” of Langeland is a good reason for turning of in Humble and head west. Ristinge has three attractions: the best bathing beach on the entire island, Ristinge Cliff and the village Ristinge with the tiny harbour.

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen

Visit Bagenkop

The most southern city on Langeland, is an old fishing community, and you can still experience a well­kept and authentic fishing harbour from where cutters daily set out.

Gåsetorvet i Rudkøbing med statue af H. C. Ørsted
Map icon Rudkøbing



Tranekær slot set fra luften
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Spodsbjerg, Lohals, Tranekær and Tullebølle

Vilde heste løber gennem et vandhul på Sydlangeland


Bagenkop, Ristinge and Humble

Ko på græsmark på Strynø


Experience the tight-knit community on Strynø.