Lohals and Hou

Photo: Mads Kirkegaard, Colourbox

Lohals is Langeland’s northernmost city. The city has a cosy harbour, where the cultural house Banjen during the summer is framework for many music events and a very well visited meatball festival called “frikadellefest”.


Contrary to many other small cities, in Lohals there are still opportunities to buy exactly what you need. With a supermarket, a bakery and the possibility to buy arts and crafts etc., the city is still an active and living place. The beach north of the city is a nice sandy beach with a bathing jetty and it is frequently used all year round. Lohals and Hou are excellent starting points for many excur­sions, with water on three sides and large forest areas, the nature invites to be explored either on foot or bicycle.

Luftfoto af Nordlangeland

Photo: Knud Erik Christensen, Colourbox

A bit of history
Lohals Harbour was built at the end of the 1850’s and is an old cargo­ and fishing harbour. Lohals Lighthouse was built in 1893 and it is a 9m angular lighthouse made of iron. In the beginning of the 1900s, Lohals became an active port city with seve ral shops, craftsmen and both a telegraph­ and phone station, a ship yard and a mission house.