Aerial view of a ferry having just entered Spodsbjerg Harbour, Langeland on a sunny evening.

Visit Spodsbjerg

Spodsbjerg arose as a Berth and a small fishing hamlet in the 1400s. Nowadays, tourism, the fer­rying to Lolland and fishing constitutes the main foundation of the town’s economy. Spodsbjerg is, with its’ outstretched beaches, a sought­out bath­ing resort.

Pige med badering i vandet

South of the city lies a lovely summer cottage area and another Camping Site facing the child­friendly beach “Drejet”.

 Lystbåde ved havn på Spodsbjerg Havn

In Spodsbjerg you can rent bicy­cles, scooters and angling boats.

Lystfisker står alene i stille vand på Langeland og fisker med sin fiskestang
Hotspot for angling

At the main road lies a large angler shop where, among other things, fishing licenses are sold. In the port the rental boats lie side by side, when they aren’t at sea with anglers, and haul in cod, flatfish, mackerel etc. from the finest fish water.
If you are not up for sailing out to sea, you can catch fish from the coastline. You can learn more about what kind of fish you can catch right now and what equipment to use at the local angler stores.