Skovsgaard gods

Castles and Manor Houses

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Langeland's many manors have left their distinct mark on the island's landscape, development, and cultural life.

There are at least 23 manors known on Langeland, with 14 of them dating back to the medieval period (years 1000-1536). The island's fertile soil has for centuries ensured favorable conditions for agriculture, which explains the high concentration of manors on Langeland.

Count Frederik Ahlefeldt (1623-1686) established the Grevskabet Langeland in 1672 with its headquarters at Tranekær Castle. Most of the island's manors have, at some point, been under the ownership of the Grevskabet Langeland (Tranekær) or the stamhuset Ahlefeldt (Broløkke), which collectively owned more than half of the island.

Manors you can visit:

Tranekær Castle
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Tranekær Castle

Known as a royal castle back in the 13th century this fortified manor house has it all: fortified earthworks, parklands, a castle lake, moats, watermill, ridning area, stables and a theatre. From its ...

Skovsgaard Gods på Sydlangeland
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Skovsgaard Manor

Nature guiding for children, exhibitions, wildlife, windmill, footpaths plus a café and farm shop

Broløkke Herregård
Photo: Broløkke Herregård

Broløkke Herregård

Welcome to Denmark’s most beautiful manor

Skrøbelev Gods
Photo: Skrøbelev Gods

Skrøbelev Gods

Take a couple of days and go to Skrøbelev Gods with the love of your life or a couple of good friends, you can expect a total experience. It includes both delicious food, top-class service and an atmo...


The Castle Route - 160 km on Langeland

160 km of purely idyllic winding roads through countryside villages, cozy market towns and, not least, historic manor houses.

Herregårdsruten på Langeland

Bike rute: The Castle Route

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Stately accommodation