Gåsetorvet i Rudkøbing med statue af H. C. Ørsted

Visit Rudkøbing

Rudkøbing, which is Langeland’s biggest city, is a cosy old market town with old, well­kept merchant houses, small town houses and winding roads with cobble stones, and at the same time, it is the place to make a good deal and get good, old­fashioned service.

I købstaden Rudkøbing kan du gøre en god handel

Rudkøbing has several small eating places, and combined with the city’s museum, galleries and arts and craft shops, they invite you to stop by. 

Skibet Mjølner i Rudkøbing Havn

The harbour is also one of the places well worth visiting, northernmost is the yacht marina and southernmost the ferry harbour.

Bindingsværkshus i et gårdmiljø fra Rudkøbing