Vindmøllerne på Langeland dækker 164% af øens strømforbrug

Green Energy

Island life with a low carbon footprint.

Vindmølle i det langelandske landskab

Windmill Power
Langeland’s windmills produce 164% of the island’s electricity needs. Not only are we self-sufficient, we export electricity to the rest of Denmark.

Solfangeranlæg og nypløjet mark på Langeland

177% Green Energy
If we take in to account all sources of green electricity, the total rises up to 177%. We also use solar energy - both for electricity and communal central heating.

When you look out over the Langeland countryside, here and there you will see the characteristic windmills and solar power installations. Together they produce more green energy than Langeland can use, in fact we export nearly half of all the energy we produce on the island. Many private households have also invested in green energy, such as ground source heating, wood pellet boilers, solar cells and heat exchangers. More than 4000 households on Langeland are connected to the communal heating system, which is powered by green energy sources such as straw, wood chips and solar power.

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening Klimakommune

Climate Conscious Island
Langeland municipality is part of the DK2020 climate project, which aims at achieving a climate neutral municipality before 2050.


Waste Recycling
From 2022 we have a goal of recycling more than 50% of all the garbage produced on the island. This would equate to a reduction of 5,200 tons of C02 annually.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Currently you can charge your electric vehicle at five places around Langeland. Two of the stations, in Humble and Spodsbjerg, have fast chargers.

You can find the stations here: