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Forfatteraften: Cæcilie Lassen

STRYNØ LITERARY ASSOCIATION presents the first author evening of the year, with author Cæcilie Lassen who is currently working on her next novel INDRE Ø.

The spring season for Strynø's Author's Night is kicked off by Cæcilie Lassen.
Cæcilie is known for her early debut novel and the extensive oeuvre of historical novels that has followed since 1986.
Her latest, eagerly awaited novel, INDRE Ø, will be published in the days surrounding Cæcilie Lassen's visit to Strynø.


Dining is offered before each event upon reservation.
Ferry Rudkøbing/return fits the entrance fee in cash 50 KR/35 KR.

If you have any questions, you can contact the association at:
inukdetblaa@hotmail.com Tel. 20700616


Strynø Literary Association

Strynø Literary Association works to present literature and authors on Strynø and is also behind the Strynø Literature Festival ‘LITERATURE FOR BIG & SMALL’ which takes place on the weekend of 29 & 30 June.