Langeland's Unique Gardens

The event is cancelled in 2021

Take a stroll around Langeland and discover one or more of the island's unique gardens. Some are architect-designed, others traditional historical gardens, in some gardens there are an abundance of flowers, while others love nature's wild plants. They are all dream gardens, and not two are alike, because even if they are created alike, in practice they will be different.

The event is called "LANGELANDS UNIQUE GARDENS", because all gardens are in reality unique, whether they are architect-designed, new gardens, historical gardens, extensively kept gardens, kitchen gardens - or, to say the least, because the gardens are precisely adapted to the owners' standards and wants for a garden. Some will like lush grassy edges, others will have soft lines with edge plants and some will have wild plants. Even if two gardens are in principle landscaped, in practice they will be different.