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Long Dolmen Kumle mound

Heavily plowed long dolmen without curb stones.

A few kilometers south of Rudkøbing, you can see two nozzle chambers from route 305. On the 3 meter high right, they are clearly visible in the landscape - from the hill you have a view of Lindelse Nor which cuts into the west side of Langeland. 500 meters further south you can see the nozzle chamber at Augløkkevej - from there it is only 500 meters to the graveyard Andemosehøj.

The two dolem chambers are located on a mound which is the remains of a missing long nozzle. There are no curbs left and the mound is clearly plowed on all sides. The ancient monument was registered in 1924 by agreement with Gårdejer Vald. Christiansen.

(Source: "Oldtidsminder på Langeland", Langelands Museum)