TICKON - Landart in Tranekær

Tranekær Castle Garden / TICKON

A Castle Park filled with the art form ”Land Art”

The Park surrounding Tranekær Castle is a fantastic tourist destination open to visitors all year round. The Park and Castle are owned by the Ahlefeldt-Laurvig family who in 1993 entrusted the Park’s decoration to TICKON – Tranekær International Centre of Art and Nature. Since then, more than 20 Danish and international artists have created their works in the Park itself. They consist of “Land Art” – an art form which requires the often enormous works to be built on site using organic material, amongst others wood, earth and stone. In this way, the works, in a wonderful way, blend with nature, but at the same time, are subjects to nature’s degrading forces which will cause the works to eventually disappear completely.

In other words, besides great beauty, you also experience the cycle of life in an artistic form. For the same reason only 15 of the original works remain as the idea, is that they are not repaired. Instead, new works are added. In this connection, various funds have been a great help.

Tranekær Castle Park

There is lots of room for exploration when visiting TICKON as the Park covers about 205 Acres. Most of the art works are found in the area around the Castle Lake though and are marked on the map in the Park’s brochure. It is exciting to explore in the lush nature where a work suddenly may appear. It opens your eyes to both nature and art. Sometimes you can be completely bewildered; what is natural – what is man-made?

The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset.