Tiki Camp - Denmarks first glamping-site

Tiki Camp was founded in 2018 by Tirza and Nicki, and was Denmark's very first “glamping”.

The Tiki Camp concept goes beyond luxury and comfort. At Tiki Camp you will experience a unique, warm, playful and personal atmosphere, with eye for quality, detail and our environment.

We are here for nature lovers and memory makers. For those who love the camping vibe, but with a little added luxury and Danish Hygge. Staying at Tiki Camp means enjoying the more simple things, like spending time together, cooking and eating outdoors, exploring freely, sitting around the campfire, making music, reading books or just listening to the birds or a crackling fire.

Tiki Camp is not just a ‘glamping’. It’s about connecting with yourself, each other and nature. That’s Hygge.