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Waffle House Rudkøbing - taste the delicious home-baked waffles

The waffle house – Vaffelhuset - is one of Langeland's best ice-cream shops and has been named Denmark's 4 best ice-cream shop in the year 2020. So go for the scent on Rudkøbing's handelsgade and taste the delicious old-fashioned and homemade ice cream waffles.

Go for the scent! Homemade waffles and guf

When you approach Vaffelhuset Rudkøbing you will be warmly welcomed by the lovely scent of freshly baked waffles! The waffle house bakes ice cream waffles just like in the good old days, this results in a completely unique waffle with a fantastic taste and crispiness that you will not find in stores.


Their delicious airy guf is also made from scratch.


Ice cream for everyone's wishes

The waffle house offers ice cream for everyone - if you are into gluten-free, lactose-free ice cream / waffles, vegan ice cream / waffles or sugar-free ice cream - then the waffle house also has an ice cream for you.


Take-away - For everyday and party the waffle house Rudkøbing is the best!

The waffle house offers rental of a small freezer with room for 4 -5 kinds of ice cream of your choice with accompanying freshly baked waffles and the very popular homemade guf. You can also rent a softice machine.