Sne på Bagenkop Strand, Sydlangeland

Winter swimming on Langeland

Photo: Cecilia Vanman

Take a dip in the ice-cold waters of Langeland and experience the cold joy for body and soul that winter bathing provides.
Here is our guide to winter bathing on Langeland.

Embrace the cold and take a refreshing plunge into icy water. Among other reasons, to experience the "shock effect" of the body's rapid cooling, which triggers endorphins and adrenaline in the bloodstream. Additionally, the cold water helps boost the immune system.

The nature experience and the very literal use of the senses also rank high on the "why" list, and finally, winter bathing is often a social experience. On Langeland, there are several winter bathing associations where you can conclude the experience with a sauna session or enjoy a cup of piping hot coffee after the cold dip - together with all of us.

Winter bathing spots

On Langeland, there are three winter bathing spots that guarantee you a place to experience the cold thrill at a bathing location where the water is clean, and the surroundings are safe.

Vinterbaderfestival Bagenkop

Remember the winter bathing advice


1. Check bathing conditions and be familiar with the rescue equipment.
2. Watch out for ice on steps and bridges.
3. Lower your body into the water slowly.
4. Never swim alone.


5. Breathe calmly.
6. Keep an eye on each other.
7. Stay close to the steps or bridge.
8. Never swim under the ice.

Winter swimming is a part of the project Øhigh5, supported by Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse.