On Langeland anglers are as much a part of the scenery as skiers in Austria.”

From every meter of our coastline it is possible, at certain tims, to catch seatrout. Good planning is important as the wind, weather and the season must be taken into account when choosing where to fish. On you can find a good selection of some of Langeland’s best spots for seatrout fishing.

One day out with a fishing rod is never enough! If you are looking for angler-friendly accommodation that will cater for the needs of anglers, you should check out Seatrout Funen’s list of accommodation certified for anglers.

The arrival of huge numbers of garfish along Langeland’s coast in the late spring is an event that even the most experienced fisherman here looks forward too! You can catch garfish from just about every fishing spot on Langeland. You can easily combine fishing fishing for them with fishing for seatrout and makrel, as all three species are often found in the same areas.

Kvinde fisker fra kysten

Whether you fish alone, with friends or with your family, Langeland has something to offer. Here there are fish for everyone.

It is possible to catch makrel from the harbours of Spodsbjerg and Bagenkop in the summer. Spodsbjerg harbour also offers good fishing for herring at certain times of year.

To kvinder tilbereder fisk over bål ved kysten

Tight Lines!