Six green walks in the forests of Langeland

The Langeland Footpath’s Friends Society have enjoyed great success arranging walking tours around the island - along the coast and its cliffs, between the hat hills, in the towns and countryside . Here under you can finde their favorite walks in the woods.

Sti-vennerne går ture langs kysten
Gulstav mose ænder flyver i flok

1,1 km - Lunden - Woods and Wetlands

A 1.1km walk. The woods at Lunden on the east coast of south Langeland are beautifully situated right next to the Langeland’s Belt, just north east of the Kelds Nor Lighthouse.

Kelds Nor Fyr

8 km - Cold War Museum Langelands Fort, Leafy Woodland and Kelds Nor Lighthouse

A 8km walk - combine a springtime woodland walk through Lunden with a visit to the Cold War Museum Langelands Fort. Meet a “Czech hedgehog” and see - if only from the outside - the striking lighthouse at Kelds Nor.

Vejlen ved Rudkøbing

2,3 km - The Fredskov Woods and the “Heart Path”

Routes of 3.5km or 2.3km - the “Heart Path” (Hjertestien) runs along the margins of Rudkøbing’s Fredskov woods. You can easily take a detour into the woods themselves and enjoy a picnic amongst the trees. 

Øhavsstien ved Rudkøbing

7 km - The “Heart Path”, the Archipelago Trail and two beautiful Beech Forests

A 7km walk - starting at the car park at Engdraget in Rudkøbing, you follow “the Heart Path” through attractively cultivated allotments. After passing the Danahus old peoples home you set your course west to join, via Voldstien and Strandbakken, the Archipelago Trail which winds along Kragholmvej to the woods at Horsehave.

Mor og datter går tur i skoven

3,3 km - Vestre Stigtehave

A 3.3km walk: Vestre Stigtehave is amongst Denmark’s most lovely beech forests. This woodland is the closet thing you will find to ancient forest on Langeland.This route takes you through the trees and over low hills along wide forest tracks. Looking between the gnarled tree trunks you can enjoy a lovely view over the Great Belt to the Funen coast.

Hiking etiqette

We have gathered some tips and good advice about how to respect nature when you are going on an adventure in the nature on Fyn.

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