Oehlenschlägers Bøg ved Stengade Strand

Six green walks

The Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is accessible all year round. This long distance footpath takes you both along the coast and through the island’s rolling landscape. The hill top views over the archipelago are amongst the highlights of this route.

Walk Around Langeland

This route, that takes you right around the island is 139km long. It is divided into 10 stages, from 10km to 19km in length. Starting in Spodsbjerg you walk clockwise around the island, passing through all four of Langeland’s four harbour towns: Spodsbjerg, Bagenkop, Rudkøbing and Lohals.

Enjoy many different attractions along the way

Take you very own tour guide  along in your pocket! With a digital map in your hand you can find an overview of the islands many attractions and get inspiration seek out new experiences on foot, on the sea, or by bike.

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