Familie på vej til stranden


“Near the salt Østerstrand” is a line in our Danish national tune. It was written by Adam Oehlenschläger perhaps while he sat at Stengade Beach, in the middle of Langeland, under the beautiful old beech. With 152 kilometers of coastline, there is something for every taste.

Beaches with jetties

Would you rater jump directly into the water  - without getting seaweed between your toes, then visit one of our beaches with jetties.

In principle, dogs must always be on a leash in the wild. This is because the dog can be a stress factor for nature's wildlife and to the nuisance of other outdoor guests.
During the summer season, from April to September, dogs must be on a leash on the beach. During the winter months, from October to March, you may leave your dog loose on the beach, but only if it does not endanger other people.
On some beaches it is forbidden to bring dogs - always notice a local signage.

In Denmark there is no free camping and this means that it is not allowed to spend the night on beaches and parking lots. But there are plenty of opportunities to spend the night in special motorhome pitches (if you drive one) and there are many beautiful shelters and nature camps for those who come by bike or on foot.