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Det er nemt at komme rundt på Strynø på cykel

Experience Langeland by bike

To cykelister på Østersøruten

Bike holiday at Langeland

The view over the fields, the sight of the ocean and maybe a quick dip in it, winding roads and authentic environments are all parts of experiencing Langeland and Strynø on two wheels . The landscape with woods, hathills, 142 km coastline and an incredible amount of tourist attractions of different kinds, is perfect for a bicycle vacation or maybe a vacation with outings on bicycle. 


Bicycle routes

Make your way past one of the many different sights and enjoy the many winding roads around the island's hilltops.

Blåsted foran et glamping telt på Langeland

Sleep at Langeland

Restaurant Generalen - smap på lokale råvarer

Eat at Langeland